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As a seasoned software engineering expert with nearly two decades of experience spanning industry and research, I bring a wealth of expertise in large scale full-stack software engineering, data visualization, user experience design, and information retrieval. I am committed to delivering technology-agnostic impactful user experiences that truly matter. I am deeply passionate about building teams, providing mentorship, and cultivating collaborative environments that fuel innovation and success.

Work Experience

Staff Software Engineer
Staff Software Engineer at Google, leading efforts in Search Quality (Ranking & Features) to help everyone find better answers on the web. Designed and launched a set of high traffic features to present users with nuanced information. Currently working on new and exciting LLM-powered Search experiences through Labs:
I lead a cross-org team, successfully navigate organizational complexity to introduce and execute on novel and complex ideas, contribute technically as an IC and advise across a variety of other projects within our broader organization. I also dedicate a significant portion of my time to mentorship and coaching.
Senior Software Engineer
Designing, developing and leading efforts around Google Search, focusing on economic well-being and the job search journey. In this role, I work across Google's full-stack, focusing on ranking, retrieval, machine learning, back/front-end engineering and product leadership.
Founding Director and Principal Data Visualization Engineer
Founded and led the Data Visualization team at Bocoup. This role involved:
  • Planned and executed strategic direction for the Data Visualization business at Bocoup
  • Designed, developed and led technical data visualization projects across the full pipeline: data analysis & transformation, user research, design & prototyping, front and back end development for the web.
  • Contributed technically to the field of data visualization through public speaking, educational resources, strategic projects, events and mentorship.
  • Founded and organized OpenVis Conf, a conference about the practice of data visualization on the web running yearly since 2013. Served as its Program Chair. OpenVis Conf fundamentally changed the data visualization community by fostering open and transparent conversations and establishing a spirit of teaching.
  • Engaged in team management, business development, grant writing, client/account management, sales and marketing.
Selected works:
  • Measurement Lab - Visualizing the health of the Internet based on 800,000,000+ speed tests.
    information design, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) pipeline, cloud infrastructure
  • LINCS Cancer Browser - Enabling researchers to investigate breast cancer biology and drug response through exploratory visualizations.
    information design, user research
  • Stereotropes - Exploring language used to describe gender tropes in film through an interactive visualization experiment.
    information design, user research, text analysis and natural language processing, ETL pipeline, prototyping, front/back end development and deployment
  • Npm By Numbers - Exploring the state of software packages on the NPM.js ecosystem, with custom-designed desktop and mobile experiences.
    information design, data analysis, prototyping, front/back end development and deployment
  • MobileVis - Gathering examples of data visualization usage on mobile devices and observed best practices for building mobile data visualization interfaces in a collaborative web-based gallery.
    information design, research, front/back end development and deployment
Research Staff Software Engineer
Designed, prototyped and developed novel information visualization techniques and tools to explore collaborative methods of interacting with data on the web. Participated in academic publication.

Selected works:
  • - Exploring congressional legislation. Designed novel visualization and analysis techniques for large bodies of text.
    information design, research and prototyping, machine learning, front/back end development and deployment
  • NYTWrites - Exploring topics The New York Times journalists write about in an interactive experiment.
    information design, data analysis, prototyping, front/back end development and deployment
  • Many Eyes - Allowing users to gather data, visualize it, and discuss their visualizations on a collaborative visualization platform. Designed and developed features and components for the application.
    front/back end development and deployment


  • Disciplines: Data Visualization & Information Design, User Experience Design, User Research, Prototyping, Data Analysis, Text Analysis, Front-end Development, REST API Design, ETL Pipelines, Back-end Development, Deployment, Teaching, Public Speaking
  • Programing Languages: JavaScript, Python, Java, CSS, HTML, R, Ruby (+Rails)
  • Libraries & Tools: D3.js, React.js, Redux, git, AWS (Primarily EC2, S3, SES), Google Cloud (Dataflow, Bigquery), Pandas, Tidyverse, Ansible, Vagrant, Webpack, Docker, Jupyter Notebooks, nginx, Backbone.js, redis, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, Sketch


University of Massachusetts Amherst, MA
  • Bachelors of Science in Computer Science - GPA: 3.848
  • Graduated with Honors (Summa Cum Laude) from Commonwealth Honors College
Frequent invited speaker. Speaking engagements:



I am committed to delivering high quality work in everything I do. I am a strategic thinker, but I also know how to get things done. I love finding the right tools for the job and solving challenges big and small. I've spent many years growing as a business leader while developing my craft as an engineer and information designer. I bring a spirit of collaboration to the teams I lead, fostering a sense of community, shared purpose and drive to excel.