Many Bills: A Visual Bill Explorer


2010 - 2011


Irene Ros
Yannick Assogba

Thanks to

Matt Mckeon
Martin Wattenberg
Fernanda Viegas


IBM Many Bills is a web based visualization that aims to make congressional legislation easier to digest. It presents bills from the House and Senate organized into collections and split into sections which are color coded and labelled to indicate what topic each section is about. It also provides a set of features designed to make it easier to find interesting or unusual parts of bills and communicate your findings to others.


Yannick Assogba, Irene Ros, Matt Mckeon
Work In Progress Paper, CHI 2010, April 2010.
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Aktolga, E., Ros, I., Assogba, Y. and DiMicco, J.
AAAI 2011, pp. 2-7.
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Aktolga, E., Ros, I. and Assogba, Y.
SIGIR 2011, pp. 235-244
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