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In Defense of Simplicity, A Data Visualization Journey
Irene Ros
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When Creating Visualizations, Question Everything
Irene Ros, Adam Hyland
Harvard Business Review Blog,
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Academic Publications

Detecting Outlier Sections in US Congressional Legislation
Aktolga, E., Ros, I., Assogba, Y. and DiMicco, J.
AAAI 2011, pp. 2-7.
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Detecting Outlier Sections in US Congressional Legislation
Aktolga, E., Ros, I. and Assogba, Y.
SIGIR 2011, pp. 235-244
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DocBlocks: Communication-minded Visualization of Topics in U.S. Congressional Bills
Yannick Assogba, Irene Ros, Matt Mckeon
Work In Progress Paper, CHI 2010, April 2010.
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Medical Process Modeling: a Case Study Modeling Adult Outpatient Chemotherapy Using Little-JIL
I. Ros, Undergraduate Honors Thesis, May 2008.
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Evolution of a cross-platform, multimedia courseware presentation system
B. Wallace, W.R. Adrion, P. Dickson, W. Cooper, I. Ros and K. Watts
ACM Transactions on Internet Technology, June 2006.
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Integrating CASA ERC Wireless Networking into Education
B. Wallace, W. Burlson, B. Donovan, J. Kurose, I. Ros, and M. Zink
Education, San Juan, Puerto Rico, July 2006.
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Interview about Bocoup & Open Source
July 20, 2012.
Boston Business Journal: Bocoup, Atlas launch website to open-source VC deal data
by Rodney H. Brown,
Thursday, January 26, 2012, 5:09pm EST
The Digital Life: adventures in design and technology
Podcast panel about Visualization.
September 22nd, 2010.