Below you can find a selection of my data visualization work as well as my open source work.
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Data Visualization

Climate Central, Surging Seas Risk Finder (Bocoup)
OpenVis Conf 2013 (Bocoup)
The Miso Project (Bocoup + Guardian Interactive Team)
The Business of US Food Aid (with Guardian Interactive Team)
Somalia Famine - How the World Reacted (with Guardian Interactive Team)
Startup Data Trends - For all your startup data needs
NYTWrites - Exploring The New York Times Authorship
IBM Many Bills: A Visual Bill Explorer
A Day of MBTA
IBM Many Eyes
The New York Times Visualization Lab

Open Source (github)

The Miso Project - d3.chart Library

d3.chart is a framework for creating reusable charts with d3.js

The Miso Project - Storyboard Library

Storyboard is a JavaScript library for managing the flow of interactive content and general application control flow logic.

The Miso Project - Dataset Library

Dataset is a JavaScript client-side data transformation and management library. Dataset makes managing client-side data easy by handling loading, parsing, sorting, querying & manipulating data from all sorts of sources. The Miso Project is a collaboration between Bocoup and the Guardian Interactive Team.

Deck.js Codemirror Extension

This Deck.js extension integrates a codemirror editor into your deck.js slides. Additionally, it allows the codemirror blocks to be runnable within the slides, for extreme demo time awesomeness.

Startup Data Trends

Startup Data Trends is an interface to browsing the publicly visible startups on AngelList by any intersection of Market and Geography. It's a Backbone.js application that we open sourced.

Moonshine Node.js Script

This moonshine recipe allows you to install node.js as part of your rails deployment process.

I contribute to:


Backbone supplies structure to JavaScript-heavy applications by providing models with key-value binding and custom events, collections with a rich API of enumerable functions, views with declarative event handling, and connects it all to your existing application over a RESTful JSON interface.